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Brock's Performance Offers Streamlined Online Ordering and Faster Shipping
Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Streamlined Online Ordering and Faster Shipping with State-of-the-Art Inventory and Warehousing System

Brock's Performance is proud to announce a more streamlined customer experience and upgraded product-delivery capabilities with a re-engineered website and state-of-the-art ASCTrac warehouse-management system.

The new and greatly improved BrocksPerformance.com site boasts a simplified design and more intuitive layout. Its best-in-class technology displays order history, detailed product descriptions and real-time inventory levels with guaranteed accuracy. A click of the mouse is all it takes to see if an item is in stock and how many are available.

Expandable Categories
The category listing on the left-hand side of the screen allows for you to expand each category to find the items you're looking for quickly and easily. Simply click on the 'plus signs.'
Real-time Inventory
The quantity shown on the product page indicates our true inventory level. If it says we have it, then it ships that day!
Information Tabs
Each product has extensive information to help you make an informed decision on your buying purchase. Now included is our NEW "Reviews" tab, so you can see what other customers think of our products.
Suggested Items
If a product works well with another product we carry, you will see it under this section.
Live Support
Have a question, but can't call? That's okay. Simply click on the "Live Support" link, and interact with one of our sales specialists.

While this transparent view of product availability is new, other staples of Brock's popular consumer resources continue at full throttle. Its acclaimed in-house support team of knowledgeable motorcycle enthusiasts still provides detailed technical help. The wildly popular community section is even more comprehensive than before. It serves up written installation instructions and videos, fuel-injection-control map support and other technical information from the sport's top tuners, educational articles, media-generated product reviews, a comprehensive FAQ section, clearance items, race team reports, photos of customer bikes and a very active user forum.

Brocks Performance

ASCTrac's cutting-edge software running in the background increases the flow of critical information, enabling quicker, more accurate ordering and fulfillment to provide unrivaled customer service. Real-world efficiencies begin with barcode technology read by a high-tech scanning system that meticulously keeps track of inventory--from the moment of purchase until products are delivered.

This software incorporates the industry's most trusted payment system. Complying with rigorous PCI standards, it's the Fort Knox of transaction security. Once complete, order and shipping confirmations are sent via email. Tracking is then available on BrocksPerformance.com.

"This investment in technology continues our mission to be the leader in innovation, research, development, manufacturing and distribution of motorcycle performance components," said company president Brock Davidson. "It is yet another example of our ongoing commitment to simple, quick ordering and efficient fulfillment. Brock's translates a combined 75 years of technical knowledge into tremendous value for our retail customers and dealers, offering unsurpassed service and comprehensive solutions to fulfill their needs."

Once you have exprienced this technology and have placed an order, the technology doesn't stop there. Below we diagram the entire Shipment Tracking System.


After placing your order you will receive an email confirmation that your order was received and another email confirmation when your order has been shipped.


Sign in to Brock's Performance to check your order status.

You can check your order status by clicking on 'Orders' under the Home page button

or by selecting Order Status under the Customer Service button


Once you reach the search page you can simply hit search and get all your order results.


Once you have selected your current order you will see your full order information.

Immediately after you place an order, you status will be Web(pending) or No Inventory

Web(pending): We are waiting for your payment method to process

No Inventory: Product is on back order and we are awaiting for product to arrive at Brock's Performance

Pick Pending: Order is on hold for a payment or waiting for a check to clear.

On Loading Dock: Payment has been received and your order has been transferred to our fulfillment department.

Confirmed Shipped: Order has been picked up by shipping company and a tracking number will be displayed. You will receive an email with all of your order information along with a tracking number.

If at any time you have questions or need help while on our site, please use the the 'Live Support' Button or call us at 937-912-0054


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