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Honda CBR1000RR (12-14) Power Package Information
Thursday, October 31, 2013


Brock’s Performance has spent countless hours performing R&D so you can have the perfect power combination for your Honda CBR1000RR. Check out the following 'Brock' approved and dyno proven combinations; then pick the combo that best suits your needs.

Combo 1 - STD Scale
(Exhaust & PC5)
Click here for SAE scale

Combo 2 - STD Scale
(Exhaust, PC5 & IRC)
Click here for SAE scale

Combo 3 - STD Scale
(Exhaust, PC5, Flash, Oil & Additive)
Click here for SAE scale

Combo 1: Choose your style of exhaust (Alien Head™ or ShortMeg™) and pair it with a DynoJet Power Commander V loaded with our custom map and you’ve just transformed your tame Honda into an aggressive street prowler! This combination is good for up to +13hp.

Combo 2: If you’re a speed junkie like us, then more is better! This tried and true combination adds a Dynojet IRC (Ignition Retard Controller) to the mix for a very cost effective way to unleash even more power. With our full exhaust system and a Power Commander V loaded with a custom map made just for the addition of the IRC you can expect up to +18hp!

Combo 3: When neck breaking speeds and hundredths of a second are whats on your mind, a full blown race combination is what you need. The Brock's ECU flash will derestrict your stock ECU (IRC no longer required), remove the top speed limiter, increase your RPM limiter by 500rpm, and much more. With our legendary full exhaust system, Alisyn less-than-zero weight oil, Petron oil additive and a Power Commander V loaded with a custom map to fit the re-flash, you can now hit the track with records in mind. This combination is good for up to +20hp.

Using performance combination 3 and a set of bolt-on swing arm extensions the mighty CBR1000RR easily dipped into the 8 second zone. Local Dayton resident T Wright rode Bradley Tipton's Honda to an impressive 8.94 at 152mph. We are looking forward to seeing even faster time slips in the future. Great job guys!

Sound Clip: Brock's Performance Alien Head Full Exhaust System for the Honda CBR1000RR (12-13)

If combination one or two are more your style, be sure to check out our Servo Buddies, which allow you to free up space and shed weight by removing the no longer needed servo motor (prevents the F.I. fault light from illuminating.)

For the ultimate sportbike upgrade, be sure to check out our BST carbon fiber wheels. These works of art will provide faster acceleration and quicker braking, while providing sharper corner-carving abilities.

Note: Because our CBR1000RR test bike arrived pre-filled with a premium synthetic motor oil, baseline horsepower results shown may be higher than typical. We eventually switched to our Alisyn brand full synthetic and Petron additive, for consistency, based on our standard dyno test criteria.


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