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Brock's Performance Sponsors the MIROCK Pro Street "Battle Royale"
Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Mickey Thompson Performance Tires MIRock Superbike Series


21st Annual Fall Nationals
October 4-6, 2013
Maryland International Raceway in Budd’s Creek, MD, USA


The Orient Express Pro Street "Battle Royale," is sure to be a race of epic proportions! The Baddest of The Baddest! The Best of The Best! The FBG Fall Nationals at MIR in October has become the quickest and fastest race over the last several years. With MIR's famous track prep, cool and fast October air, the record is pounded in the ground year after year, with everyone running their personal bests! So naturally MIR's Fast by Gast Fall Nationals on October 4-6, 2013 was the date and place for this historic Battle Royale 10k race to take place.


"Pro Street is a highly competitive class that pushes street legal motorcycles to the extreme, so it makes sense for Brock's Performance to support the Battle Royale. This event will showcase the fastest pro street motorcycles in the World on the best prepped track in the country. We can't wait to see which rider/team comes out on top. I am very excited to see Jason Miller and MIROCK bring the competitive spirit out in our customers," said Brock Davidson.


With the huge amounts of cash up for grabs, MIROCK will have their normal pro tech at the scales (includes Pro Mod, Pro Street, and Real Street), plus MIROCK will have a 2nd pro tech dedicated to PST only for the whole weekend. Everything will be examined at this event to make sure everyone is inside the rules for $10,000.


MIROCK will have a separate parking section for the Pro Street class at the FBG Fall Nationals for fans to walk through and interact with all of the riders.

MIROCK will also have a catered meal on Saturday night for the Pro Street racers, crew, and sponsors of the "Battle Royale," immediately following the last qualifier.

Each PST "Battle Royale" sponsor has put in $500 and 100% of that money is directly added to the purse for the PST racers. The $10,000 purse is now locked in!

"We plan to make the Battle Royale 10k an annual event at the fastest Pro Street race of the year, the Fast by Gast Fall Nationals! This is the fastest race of the year anywhere, BAR NONE!", said Jason Miller (Promoter of the MIROCK Superbike Series)


For Full Event Info Click Link Below: http://www.mirockracing.com/events/fallnationals.htm


There will be FOUR Qualifying Sessions at this event: Friday Qualifier #1 at 8pm and Saturday at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm

Pro Street "Battle Royale" Confirmed Riders


1. John Gover / Turbo / Hayabusa / Pennsylvania
2. Joey Gladstone / Turbo / Hayabusa / North Carolina
3. Terrence Angela / Turbo / Hayabusa / Aruba
4. Jason Dunnigan / Turbo / Hayabusa / Michigan
5. Doug Gall / Turbo / Hayabusa / Ohio
6. Neal Riddle / Turbo / Hayabusa / Virginia
7. David Martin / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Virginia
8. Jason Zittle / Turbo / Hayabusa / Maryland
9. Carl Lucas / Turbo / Hayabusa / North Carolina
10. Tony Ficher / Supercharged / Hayabusa / Massachusetts
11. Eric Langlois / Turbo / Hayabusa / New Hampshire
12. Richard Gadson / Nitrous / GS / Pennsylvania
13. Bud Yoder / Turbo / Hayabusa / Michigan
14. Mike Bayes / Turbo / Hayabusa / Michigan
15. Jason Angela / Turbo Pink Hayabusa / Aruba
16. Brad Anassis / Turbo / Hayabusa / South Africa
17. Ryan Schnitz / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Indiana
18. Danny Cox / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Virginia
19. Brandon Mitchan / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Texas
20. Jeremy Teasley / Turbo / Hayabsa / Ohio
21. Doug Witt / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Maryland
22. Rodney Williford / Turbo / Hayabusa / North Carolina
23. Eric Hart Jr / Nitrous / Hayabusa / North Carolina
24. Shannon Maylee / Turbo / Hayabusa / Missouri
25. Mike Losser (Buz) / Turbo / Hayabusa / Wisconsin
26. Gabe Frederick / Turbo / Hayabusa / Missouri
27. Ed Noll / Turbo / Hayabusa / Missouri
28. Ryan Hable / Turbo / Hayabusa / Wisconsin
29. Greg Wallace / Turbo / Hayabusa / North Carolina
30. Curtis Ellerbe / Turbo / Hayabusa / Washington DC
31. Kenneth Hogan / Nitrous / GSXR 1000 / Alabama
32. Frankie Stotz / Turbo / CBR 1000RR / Illinois
33. Jason Rearick / Turbo / Hayabusa / Texas
34. Sebastion Domingo / Turbo / Hayabusa / Alabama
35. Julian Vigay / Turbo / Hayabusa / Georgia
36. Rendolf Torbed / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Curacao
37. Walter Sprout / Turbo / Hayabusa / Florida
38. Mike Slowe / Turbo / Hayabusa / Pennsylvania
39. Jose Valencia / Turbo / Hayabusa / Florida
40. Del Flores / Nitrous / Hayabusa / New Jersey
41. Andy Leslie / Supercharged / ZX14R / Michigan





Jason Miller may be reached at 301-884-9833 or jmiller@mirdrag.com


Track Information:
Track Office: 301-884-9833
Dragline: 301-884-RACE
Track Fax: 301-884-9878
Track Email: info@mirdrag.com
Track Website: www.mirdrag.com


MIROCK Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mirockracing

Physical, Mailing, & GPS Address:
Maryland International Raceway
27861 Budds Creek Road
Mechanicsville, MD 20659

For more information on these events visit mirockracing.com


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