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Brock's Performance Needs Your Input
Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Tell Us What You Think

Your input is valuable!

Because we're always working to make sure we deliver the highest quality product, outstanding performance, and the industry leading customer service you expect, we take all feedback seriously. Your product reviews help customers make informed buying decisions, as well as help us determine if we need to address any concerns with a particular design or look into enhancements to create an even better product in the future. Additionally, the next time you shop at BrocksPerformance.com, we hope you will benefit from the reviews that others have contributed to make a more informed purchase decision yourself.

How Do I Write A Review?

  • Go to a product's page on our web site. (A quick way to find a product's page is to use the menu on the left of the screen and click on the plus signs to expand the directory.)
  • Click on the 'Reviews' tab on the product page.
  • Fill in the required fields: Review headline, star rating, e-mail, and your comments.
  • Add a photo of the product installed (if you would like) and click 'Submit.'

Write a Review

*Please note that all reviews are anonymous and your email will not be visible.


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