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Yoder and Gadson Dominate at Indy
Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Ronnie Mitchell Racing Wins Indy


Bud Yoder and the Ronnie Mitchell Racing Pro Street Hayabusa took the win from the number one qualifying position at the NHDRO/Manufacturers Cup series event at Indianapolis.


“We’ve had great luck at Indy,” said bike owner Ronnie Mitchell. “Winning Indy is always a big deal. Winning Indy from the pole is something special.”


Yoder took the event win with a final round victory over Joey Gladstone on the DME Hayabusa.



Bud Yoder wins on BST Wheels
Photo by Tim Hailey, EATMYINK.COM



Yoder won the pole over the 25 entries by running a 7.102 elapsed time at 201.76 mph in the first qualifying session. He took the win over Gladstone with a 7.077 at 204.57 to Gladstone’s 7.18/202.


The RMR team has had a standout season in Pro Street this year, taking five wins in eight final round appearances. They are leading the Pro Street points in the Manufacturers Cup and the Amsoil Extreme Bike Series at Milan Dragway and have virtually locked up the 2012 NHDRO Pro Street championship.


The Indy event marked the debut for the new “R-Series” BST carbon fiber wheels for the RMR team. The R-Series has been specifically designed for extreme applications like Pro Street Drag Racing and feature a beefier geometry, advanced composite materials that are 20% stronger than before and a re-designed rim and bead preparation that helps to eliminate wheel slip.


“This was our first time out with the new R-Series wheels,” said Mitchell. “They are much stronger and really look good. We need advancements like this because these bikes keep getting faster and faster. We are running way over 200mph all the time and our 60-foot times are crazy. It’s amazing how far the technology has come, even in just the past few years.”



Gadson Runs The Table in RST


Rickey Gadson ran the table in the Real Street class at the NHDRO/Manufacturers Cup series event at Indianapolis, qualifying number one, setting new elapsed time and speed records and winning the event. Gadson also held low e.t. of every round of eliminations.


“We have been working hard to move our program forward so this result is very satisfying,” said Gadson.



Rickey Gadson wins RST at Man Cup NHDRO Indy

Riding his turbo ZX-14R prepared by Chris Jones, Gadson qualified number one with a 7.883 elapsed time at 188.94 mph. Number two was Johnny “Turbo” Dobrin at 8.00.


The only hiccup of the event for Gadson came in round one of eliminations when the right-side bodywork blew off. Still, he managed a 7.90 at 170 mph and a round win.


Gadson met Dobrin in the final and after losing the holeshot, Gadson rode around him for the win, 7.93/185 to 8.04/184.


Gadson’s ZX-14R has an OEM stroker crank that brings it’s displacement to 1441cc. It also has a unique sidewinder megaphone exhaust off the turbo.




“I like to do things differently and bring new technology to the class,” said Gadson. “When everybody uses the same platform we don’t see the class move forward. I think we always have to advance the technology.”


“My bike is the only stroked turbo in competition, I believe,” he said.


Gadson uses Brock’s Performance Deluxe Clutch Mod as well as adjustable Window Links.


“The limiting factor in Real Street is that we have to use a hand clutch, lockups are not allowed,” noted Gadson. “Without Brock’s Clutch Mod we would never be able to do what we do. It allows you to have enough static so you can launch hard and eliminate slippage at the big end. And we put a lot of power to it. We are 60 footing like crazy.”


Gadson also noted that the rear Window Lowering Links give him an adjustability previously unheard of.


“In the past we might have wanted to make a suspension change but didn’t have the time to remove the suspension,” said Gadson. “Now we can do it in minutes. It is a real advantage when time is tight between rounds.”


“All of Brock’s products are great,” continued Gadson. “Whenever a new bike comes out I, I do whatever I can to get Brock access to it so he can develop products for it. Brock’s a drag racer. He has done what we do. He knows what we need.”


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