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Facebook Friends: David "Super-Dave" Gebhardt
Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Name: David "Super-Dave" Gebhardt

Current Race Bike: Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa (2009)

Hometown: Arlington, TX

Home Track: Texas Raceway, Kennedale, TX

Age: 45

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 165 lb.

Number of years riding: 40

David 'Superdave' Gebhardt

Profession: Seat Assembler at Lear Corporation - Mechanic/Crew Chief/Jockey

What was your first exposure to motorcycles? Started in the California desert when I was a baby, riding with my dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles... everybody rode.

How did you get involved in drag racing? Did a little street racing in high school, then after my four year Marine Corps service, and returning to Texas in 1989, I started going to Hallsville Raceway... started in a car, then both car and bike.

What year did you start racing or being involved in racing? Had to be around late 1989 to early 1990.

David 'Superdave' Gebhardt Article Images

History of racing bikes and classes: Started out on a 1989 Kawasaki ZX-10 doing mostly Street ET. After a while a few people noticed me running decent numbers, so a friend named Bobby Crowder let me ride his 1993 Kawasaki ZX-11, had an air shifter and a “Big Bore” Kit. I progressed pretty fast to various bikes and classes, until I got a ride on Kenneth Jordan’s outlaw bike then I started doing more Grudge racing.

It’s kind of hard to compact 20 plus years of racing into a couple of paragraphs. I have basically ridden just about any configuration of bike from Super Sport to Pro-Street. I have raced in competition or Grudge with the biggest names in our industry. I have sponged anything I could from Brock, be it an article, at the track conversation, or seeing his products work in person.

Accomplishments: The biggest are my children and being alive! I have been fortunate enough to win some races from back in the Texas Shootout days, P.M.R.A., Mass Connection “King of the Track”, and the “Texas Grudgefest” to name a few.

Goals: I still dream of running N.H.R.A. Pro-Stock. Wanting to run in a major class in the MIROCK series is what I’m working towards now, hopefully Real-Street sometime next year.

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Lee Pritchard with his ZX-14R


The bike I’m currently riding in bracket classes belongs to my long time friend Nick Morale of Honda Suzuki North in Dallas, TX.

Engine: Thin Head Gasket and Degreed Cams

Chassis: Brock’s Performance Lowering Links and Triple Tree Clamp

Swingarm: Stock Wheelbase

Exhaust: Brock’s Performance CT Series™ Titanium Full System

Wheels: Dymag Carbon Fiber Wheels

Clutch: Brock's Performance Billet Clutch Mod

Fuel Injection Control: Dynojet Power Commander V

Fuel: VP MRX-01

David recently won the Mass Connection's King of The Track event held at Dallas Raceway in Crandall, TX on-board this motorcycle


Best 1/4 mile ET and MPH Performances:

Reaction Time: 0.000

60 ft: 1.23 - Outlaw Pro Street Class

330 ft: 3.0 - Outlaw Pro Street Class

1/8 mile: 4.89 - Outlaw Pro Street Class

1/8 mile MPH: 159 - Pro Street/Grudge Class

1,000 ft: N/A

1/4 mile: 7.40 - Pro Street/Grudge Class

1/4 mile MPH: 198 - Pro Street/Grudge Class


Above: David "Super-Dave" Gebhardt flips his dragbike at Thunder Valley in 2009

" The story behind the infamous "Back Flip in Oklahoma, Thunder Valley." We were making our first shakedown pass for the P.M.R.A. Outlaw Class of 2009, the bike was an oil-cooled GSX-R1100 built, owned, and tuned by Robert Varella of Dallas flat glass distributors, and also co-crew chief Benji Gibson.

Well, prior to this event we had some real nice passes during testing at North Star Raceway, so Robert, Benji, and I decided that I should start using the 2-step on the starting line hoping it would help improve my reaction time and 60ft. Up to this point I would just roll the throttle.

On previous bikes that I’ve ridden my routine would be to put the bike on the 2-step, just prior to rolling into the bottom light. On this bike, Robert had a couple extra features that I forgot were on there. One was a "roll-control", which would keep you from moving out of the beams while on the 2-step. There was a "throttle stop" feature that would keep the carbs open, if you notice in the video, I have a little "jump" off the line before the bike died.

What happened was, as I put the bike on the 2-step, the roll control, wouldn’t let me roll the bike into the second beam. When I released the throttle, the throttle stop wouldn't let the bike return to idle, so all I could do was just release the 2-step button, and hope for the best. The bike just rolled forward a bit and died… "Whew" I thought! I rolled the bike back, turned the main power off then back on, refired it, pulled back into the beams fully staged then rolled on the 2-step, lights flashed, I took off.

I knew something wasn't right, I tried to release the throttle but it was too late. I was in the air really fast and all I knew was the bike was above me and I couldn’t feel the ground. I held on until my feet touched the pavement, as I was falling I was pushing the bike away from me. The front tire just barely missed my helmet. Later we realized that I didn't power off the N.O.S. system, which was powered separately from the main switch, and that the nitrous control box may have picked back up from the first "jump" off the line, and was at 100% of a 140hp shot.... I hope that clears up the "what happened?" questions... " ~ David "Super-Dave" Gebhardt

Sponsors List:

AMSoil Racing

Arlington Motorsports

Bates Leathers

Brock’s Performance

Cycle Werkz West (Scott Crawford)

Dallas Flat Glass (Robert Varella)

Del Tilley

Honda Suzuki North (Nick Morale)

Hughes Racing

Lear Corporation

Lee’s Performance

Rock Manufacturing (Bob Poperszky)

Tricky Rickey Racing

Vernon Parks

Wildbunch M.C.

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