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The Louisville Slugger Part 2: 2012 ZX-14R Dragbike.com Project 'Regular Guys'
Friday, March 16, 2012


For Part 1: Click Here

Part 2: ZX-14R Bolt-On Testing

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Note: BST Wheels were not installed on the bike during testing.

In this two-part video, Brock continues his quest to produce power with John Stewart’s ZX-14R “Louisville Slugger,” this time in sprint fashion… aka bolt-on and pour in as quickly as possible. In project ‘Regular Guys’ Part 1, he registered 192.40 RWHP on the SAE scale (196.11 STD) in 4th gear with less than 20 miles showing on the odometer. Follow along as he deems Slugger ready for full power production at 68 miles after one of his ‘ride it like you stole it’ dyno break-in sessions.

Completely Stock After Break-In
4th Gear

Alisyn Oil and Petron Oil Additive
4th and 5th Gear

Alisyn Oil and Petron Oil Additive
5th Gear

Alien Head 2™ No Map
5th Gear

Alien Head 2™ No Map with Guhl ECU
5th Gear

Alien Head 2™ No Map, Guhl ECU, and MR12
4th Gear

For more information on the products used in this installment:

For Part 2.5: Click Here

For Part 3: Click Here


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