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BST Wheel General Maintenance
Monday, October 03, 2011


This page will provide information and recommendations for the general maintenance of your BST Carbon Fiber Wheels.

Cush Drive Inserts:

To prolong the life of your Cush Drive Inserts we recommend rotating them a quarter turn every so often to help maintain even wear. Depending on the severity of your application the time in between rotations may need to be adjusted. For example: a set of wheels used for high-horsepower drag racing may require more frequent rotation than a set of wheels used on the street.

See example below of uneven Cush Drive wear caused by failure to rotate:

Click Image for Full-Size View

Cleaning Your Wheels:

BST Wheels are finished with an automotive clear-coat that be cleaned with anything you would use to clean the finish of your motorcycle. We recommend using Original Bike Spirits: Spray Cleaner & Polish with a non-abrasive or microfiber cloth. Although any cleaner or polish appropriate for an automotive finish can be used.

Original Bike Spirits: Spray Cleaner & Polish is available for sale in our online store following the link below:

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