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Not your Typical Harley, and not your Typical Doctor
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 Darren Burnett


As riders and racers we all share a passion for the adventure and adrenaline that motorcycling provides, we also share the knowledge that motorcycling is an inheritantly dangerous sport that carries with it certain risks. Of course there are also risks involved with skydiving, fighting rush hour traffic, cutting in front of someone in the check out isle at Walmart, and brushing your teeth for that matter (don't most accidents at home occur in the bathroom ?). While we understand and accept these risks, sometimes members of the medical community do not see things as we do.I'm sure pulling ER duty for any amount of time can and will "skew" ones perception of motorcycling. Not the case however with my good friend Dr. Linas Adams.






Dr. Adams is one of those genuinely unique individuals that has a great appreciation for life and all the adventure it has to offer. Like the rest of us, "Lee" has a deep rooted passion for motorcycles. An Electra-Glide Ultra Classic for long distance riding, a Can Am Spyder RS (owned and ridden by his wife Bree), and a very trick, customized HD V-Rod all take up residence in the Dr.'s garage. During a recent conversation with Lee I casually mention I am in the market for a V-Rod myself. A few days later Doc Adams comes rolling up on a dazzling black V-Rod, and without even blinking throws me the keys!


A VRSCDX Night Rod Special wearing a beautiful set of Brock's BST carbon fiber wheels and a host of dress up and go fast goodies that will take us the rest of the afternoon to discuss is sitting right in front of me, and Lee says, "go ride it and tell me what you think".


Are you kidding...ha, helmet-check, boots-check, grin-check.....sinister black V-Rod roaring to life beneath me-CHECK!


I put this bike through a pretty intense road test. Now keep in mind, I have ridden plenty of stock to mildy modified V-Rods, but this one is serious. The engine, starting from the Moto-Hooligan airbox and ending with the D&D Fat Cat 2 into one exhaust is stuffed with all kinds of eye opening enhancements including a 58mm TB, V-Rod Destroyer fuel injectors, Fitzgerald ported heads with 1mm over valves, 515/465 Mega cycle cams and ARP 10mm studs, 12.5:1 CP pistons, Falicon crank, carillo rods, electric water pump and a 1/2" oil pan extension giving it a total displacement now of 1487cc.






A second trip to the dyno is in order since the first visit was incomplete. At 1430cc, Lee added the Tmax tuner and went to get the bike tuned, however at just under 160 hp around 7800rpm the edi brake on the dyno let go, halting any final numbers. With about 1500 rpm to go and the power and torque curve rising rapidly at the point where the dyno "broke", the set up was showing encouraging potential. Since then, the D&D exhaust and the Moto-Hooligan airbox have been added as well as enlarging displacement to 1487cc's, so a trip back to the dyno is in order, but just hasn't been scheduled yet.






The power delivery is smooth and STRONG, coming in noticeably at 4k and pulling very hard from 5500 to redline! Interstate cruising is comfortable but not where this bike wants to call home. I find my way to a nice hardly traveled back road and let the V-Rod do what it is set up to do. Traxxium AK20 cartridges in OEM forks with Superbrace billet fork brace keep the front end planted and the Works Performance Pro Series PB rear shocks give a smooth, but firm ride.





Handling is not at all what you might expect from an HD, even though it is a V-Rod, it is very predictable and holds a perfect line from the super quick turn in all the way through the exit, and exit it does, with the major weight savings and huge decrease in rotating mass from the addition of the BST carbon fiber wheels (front - 19x3.5 and rear 18/5.5 both with WWB ceramic bearings and Swan Composites ceramic rotors with Titanium bolts and Avon Cobra tires in 120/70-19 and 200/55-18) accelerating out of the turns and the straight away's really had me smiling (and this coming from someone that rides 600+hp turbo bikes).




Dr. Adams raves about the improvement in ride, handling and performance after installing the BST's. The modifications made to the chassis and additional power from the bored and stroked engine are both an enormous improvement over stock and I start dreading having to return this menacing black machine...but I must.




Wheels: front/rear - BST 19x3.5 and 18/5.5 both with WWB ceramic bearings and Swan Composites ceramic rotors with Titanium bolts and Avon Cobra tires in 120/70-19 and 200/55-18



Suspension: Traxxium AK20 cartridges in OEM forks with Superbrace billet fork brace and Works Performance Pro Series PB rear shocks


Engine: Moto-Hooligan air box, 58mm TB, V-Rod Destroyer fuel injectors, Heads are ported by Fitzgerald with 1mm over valves, 515/465 Mega cycle cams and ARP 10mm studs. 12.5:1 CP pistons, Falicon crank, carillo rods, D&D Fat Cat 2 into 1 exhaust, electric water pump, 1/2" oil pan extension, Fitzgerald's engine brace, JE Illusions digital engine monitoring system and a total displacement now of 1487cc



Transmission: WWB ceramic bearings, V&H cut 2nd gear, hardened billet shafts, Fitzgeralds 26t pulley (countershaft)


Darren Burnett


Appearance: JE Illusions airbox cover (faux fuel tank) and radiator shrouds, HD mini backrest, engine guards, levers, hwy pegs, Sportster handlebars. HD quick detach saddlebags, HD sundowner seat, HD sport windshield, Pondo "Punisher" themed axle, stator and clutch covers and Kuryakyn ISO-Wing Mini Floorboards.

My time away from Doc's V-Rod will be brief however, I will be reporting back soon on performance numbers and good old seat of the pants feel as the good Doctor has asked me to do some drag strip testing at Bristol....stay tuned!


- Darren Burnett


Special Thanks to

- Brock's Performance
- Worldwide Bearings
- Mountian Motorsports





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