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2011 Vista Kawasaki ZX-10R - Part Two: Slip On Exhaust Testing
August 14, 2011


Bolt-on Madness Video 1


Bolt-on Madness Video 2


To help offset any confusion: The correction factor on the SAE scale is 1.05 which equals 1.07 on the STD scale! Since our dyno is 866 above sea level - 1.02 SAE (1.04 STD) is about as good as it gets for us here in Dayton, OH.


Click on Dyno Charts below to open larger PDF Versions.


Test Baseline



8.2 Seconds with No Map



7.5 Seconds with Map



No Map - Lean



Street Map Mid Gain



Peak Gain SAE



Peak Gain STD



Peak Gain Good Weather SAE



Peak Gain Good Weather STD



ZX-10R Brocks Performance


ZX-10R Brocks Performance


ZX-10R Brocks Performance


ZX-10R Brocks Performance


Bolt-On Products Used:


Special Thanks:


Vista Kawasaki
3916 Wilmington Pike, Dayton OH 45429
P. 937-298-0100


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