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Ryan Runs 7.06 on HTP Performance Nitrous Pro Street Hayabusa
Monday, July 18, 2011


Ryan Schnitz recently ran a 7.06 second elapsed time on the Brock’s Performance-equipped, HTP Performance Nitrous Hayabusa Pro Street Bike owned and built by Cecil Towner. The run was quickest ever for a nitrous street bike and with it Schnitz became only the second rider to run under 7.10 seconds in the class.


The run was recorded during qualifying at the second MIROCK series MIR event. Schnitz also ran a 7.13 at the event, which became the official nitrous record for the series. Schnitz went on to win the event.


With the 7.06 run, the coveted six-second barrier for streetbikes now looks to be achievable. Frankie Stotz ran a 7.04 on his turbocharged Honda CBR 1000 at Indianapolis in May. The official turbo class record stands at 7.11 seconds recorded by Bud Yoder on Ronnie Mitchell’s turbo Hayabusa.


The performance of the HTP Performance nitrous bike has re-ignited the long standing nitrous vs. turbo controversy.


Brock Davidson - Ryan Schnitz


Brock Davidson became the first streetbike rider to run under eight seconds with a 7.97 pass run at Rockingham in 2000 on his nitrous Suzuki Bandit. Nitrous bikes dominated in that era, in the class dubbed “Streetbike Shootout”. With the advent of advanced turbo controllers, turbochargers soon became the preferred power-adder and they quickly pushed the nitrous entries to the bottom of the qualifying list – if they even qualified at all.


To bring the nitrous bikes back into the fold, rules were adjusted, eventually allowing them to have longer wheelbases, lower ground clearance, lower weight, true slider clutches, and full auto transmissions.


Even with the new rules, few nitrous bikes entered into Pro Street competition. Now that the HTP Performance nitrous Hayabusa has shown world-class performance, the conversation has started anew.


“You have had all the turbo bikes running without competition from the nitrous bikes for years,” noted Schnitz. “Nitrous bikes have not been running well for 10 years, and we went fast at one event and now they want rule changes. I think the rules should stay as they are. The competition is good right now. If we start to dominate I can see changing rules.”


“The rules have always been there for the nitrous bikes but no one has taken advantage of them,” added bike owner Towner. “Now that someone is going fast, they start to react. Two years ago when I came out with a nitrous bike people called me an idiot. Now that I am running fast they say the rules are unfair. I don’t think they will ever be happy.”


“This bike is fast because of Cecil’s hard work and determination to make a nitrous bike fast and consistent,” continued Schnitz. “I can’t believe the power we are making and how consistent the bike is. A few years ago I would not have believed that you could make a dry nitrous bike this competitive. Cecil has a really great combination together.”


Brock has been on board with HTP Performance since the beginning of the nitrous program. “Brock is a nitrous guy from way back so he as always supported our efforts,” said Towner.


Brock Davidson - Ryan Schnitz


The Hayabusa Schnitz rides features BST Carbon Fiber wheels, a TiWinder exhaust system, and Brock’s oil pan baffle, billet shift shaft and carbon fiber handlebars.


In fact, a similarly outfitted Hayabusa built by HTP Performance recently won the Pro Street class at the recent Bristol Dragway all-bike shootout with Lavar DeLee riding.


“Lavar’s bike has all of Brock’s stuff on it,” said Towner. “It has the same combination as the bike Ryan rides.”


Brock Davidson - Ryan Schnitz


While Brock applauds the success of the HTP Performance Hayabusa, he is ambivalent about the state of the Pro Street class.


“The class has evolved to the point where the bikes are true racebikes and while the performances are spectacular and thrilling to watch, I think some of the allure of the original class is a lost a little,” said Brock. “We used to have to complete a road course during the Streetbike Shootout competitions. We were racing real streetbikes back then. We were setting records with the bike on the track on weekends and going out to get ice cream with it during the week.” “That being said, being a “nitrous guy” at heart, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about what the turbo’s domination did to the class, and I ran out of the time, effort and money required to keep up with them. When Cecil said he wanted to give it a shot, I wanted to make sure he had the best products available to get the job done. His hard work and determination took over from there. It’s a tough road, I know because I’ve been down it myself; he deserves some serious recognition for his effort.”



Whatever the status of the class, Towner says he plans on running the rules as they are and running them hard. “Our goal for this year is to go fast and be consistent,” said Towner. “I don’t want to run six seconds one time. I want to run six seconds over and over – to show consistency doing it.”


Brock Davidson - Ryan Schnitz

UPDATE: Team HTP Performance and Ryan Schnitz Set Pro Street Record on Nitrous Equipped Hayabusa
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