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Petey Vee: Committed to Winning
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Black Girls Ride: www.blackgirlsride.com


Black Girls Ride
For full coverage of this article, please visit Black Girls Ride


Q. When did you first fall in love with motorcycles in general and drag racing in particular?

A. I fell in love with motorcycles as a teenager! It wasn’t until I climbed on as a passenger that I was hooked.  From the first ride I wanted to be in the driver’s seat…it was on from there!!  I took the MSF safety course, got my license, purchased a Kawasaki Ninja 250 and rode it till the wheels fell off!!  :P  As for drag racing, I attended a motorcycle club event at a race track, watched some of the drag races and thought, hmmm…I think I can do that!  Decided to attend Rickey Gadson’s drag racing class and the rest is his/her story!!!

Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your sport on your way to success?

A. Some of the challenges I’ve faced in the sport have been being a female and being taken seriously when you come to the track to race, finding enough sponsorship and financial help because you’re not taken seriously, having access to a competitive bike to practice and perfect my game (my own bike was stolen), staying true enough to myself and not giving it up when things don’t come together and lastly, knowing that in His infinite plan for my life that this is a part of what God has ordained for my life to give Him the glory!  Hallelujah!!!! oh, sorry…was going to church on yall for a minute lol

Q. Where can we see you race in the future?

A. Currently, I am racing in the MiRock Racing Series which goes between Rockingham, NC at the Rockingham Dragway (The Rock) and the Maryland International Raceway (Budds Creek) from March 2011 to November 2011 (www.mirockracing.com).  I can always be found in Atlanta, Ga.  My practice track is Macon National Dragway.


Petey Vee

Q. What would you tell a woman that is thinking about moving from the streets to the track?

A. I would first tell her to educate herself on the sport.  Watch a few races, talk to the racers (girls and guys), know if u got the cahunas to push yourself and the bike to the limit because racing causes you to commit!  You commit to the line, you commit to the light and you commit to WINNING,  thas all, thas it!! (Quoting Pastor Andre’ Landers   Take Rickey Gadson’s Sportbike course.  He truly is a master at his craft and he helps us racers to fully develop our potential.  He is a innovator and a leader at what he does…I would not race without consulting him for any and all things DRAG RACING!

Q. What do you do when you’re not on the track?

A. I am the proud mom of a graduating Senior in highschool!! That is my top priority but I’m just a regular girl who works for HP (Hewlett-Packard), goes to movies, hangs out with my girls when we can all get together (Shout out to Smiley and Sabby!!) and I praise the Lord on Sunday with everything that’s in me because He is my Rock and my salvation!! I am also an associate member of the Black Tiger’s Motorcycle Club in Baltimore and a member of the Blast Squad Motorcycle Racing Club in Atlanta.

Q. Who are some of your sponsors?

A. Can I tell you that I loooooove Dave Conforti at World Wide Bearings!!  He has sooo much faith in me and supports me in sooo many ways I cannot begin to thank him enough!!!  I also have on my side Brock Davidson of Brock’s performance!!  Brock and Dave both believe in me as a racer and are willing to put their support behind me as I embark on this crazy path called drag racing lol! Love u guys so much!!!

Q. Any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

A. Thanks Black Girls Ride Magazine for this awesome opportunity!  Shout out to Meekail Shaheed, Bike Papparazi and John Fore for the awesome pics!!  Porsche, I wish you and Black Girls Ride Magazine God’s abundant blessings, tremendous and continued success.  Thanks for putting us on the map!!


For full coverage of this article, please visit Black Girls Ride


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