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Ball-Z’s Aries Hayabusa (B) rock’s the pages of Super Streetbike Magazine
Friday, April 22, 2011


Featured in the May Issue of Super Street Bike Magazine
Pics: Dmitry Zaltsman



Sometimes DIY projects go terribly wrong, but in this case a proper shop dialed in the disaster with impeccable results.



Fixing somebody else’s shoddy work is a shop’s worst nightmare, and for Ball Z Motorsports the only solution was a complete tear down in order to start from the ground up. A 2008 Hayabusa with eight miles on the gauge showed up with what was supposed to be a “custom” build, but it was a rolling deathtrap as Ball Z soon discovered. A first generation front wheel was bolted on and obviously didn’t fit properly, nor did the brakes actually function. An aftermarket swinagrm was also somewhat attached—hand tight and crooked. Fork seals were installed upside down, and in keeping true to the bungling theme, the clutch master cylinder didn’t work either.



Josh Hill, owner of Ball Z, took control of the matter and started by locking down a goal. After concluding with the bike owner that his Zodiac sign would be the focus, the Aries build commenced. All of the fl aking chrome components were sent out to Sport Chrome to be properly bathed, and meanwhile Hill and his crew reconstructed the dreadful wrench work that had previously been laid down in a garage across town.



Ball Z’s mantra is that its builds must look as good from three inches away as they do from 30 feet away, so they tore into the bike and paid extra attention to detail. One such highlight is the tail section that illuminates with an Aries symbol. In front the windscreen was molded and the turn signals shaved and relocated. Hill explained his motivation for addressing the bodywork: “I always suggest doing some custom bodywork and molding as it is a step ignored by most builders but truly sets the best bikes apart from all others. We try to incorporate some custom bodywork into all builds but are limited by what customers can afford and will allow us to do. is is a great bang for the buck on any custom bike though.”



Under the paint and bodywork there’s much more than the previous “builder” would have had a chance at installing. A rear air ride system allows the tail to perch tightly over the single sided 330 rear when resting, and jack up for the ride via remote control. Hill wedged a two-pound nitrous bottle into the arm to fi ll in the gap as well as allow for a purge through the headlight to “spray the skinny tire bikes that are in the way,” as he explained.


The Ball Z boys built the Aries Hayabusa ram tough and it’s proved to be one of the hottest custom in the area. While the shop wasn’t initially excited about the project it ended up satisfi ed knowing that it turned heartache and frustration into a joy and an extension of the owner’s personal style.





FRONT END: RC Components wheel and rotor, Galfer brake and clutch lines, RIS lowering triple tree

REAR END: Remote air ride, RC Components wheel w/ inboard brake system, Galfer brake line

MOTOR: Brock’s Alien Head exhaust, Power Commander V

BODYWORK: HotBodies Racing scoops, Clark’s fairing screens

PAINT: Fred Sicoli at Killer Kreations

CHROME: Sport Chrome

ACCESSORIES: Remote LED lights, nitrous purge, RIS grips, levers and kickstand, Roaring Toyz switch covers, PPM tank pad, fork and yoke caps, fairing spike kit, oil cap, tag bracket and mirrors, Ball Z gauge bezel, seat screws, New Image seat with synthetic cobra, RMW smooth frame dress up kit and axle caps, SB Dezigns gas cap

BUILDER: Ball Z Motorsports


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