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V-Twin Shock Setup Form

Brocks Performance V-Twin Shock Setup Form


Fill out form below or download printable form to Fax


First Name:  
Last Name:  
Zip Code:  
Phone:   xxx-xxx-xxxx
E-Mail Address:  
Mfg/Make:   Model:

Rider Weight:   lbs.
Passenger Weight:   lbs.
Riding with Passenger percentage:   % (Example: Percentage of time passenger is on bike)
Additional Weight:   lbs. (Example: approximate weight of additional gear, etc.)
Tour Pack:  

Total Swingarm Length Over Stock:  
Bike Weight:   lbs.
Engine HP @ Rear Wheel:   RWHP
Engine Torque @ Rear Wheel:   ft-lbs.
Power Adder's:  
(Example: Turbo, Nitrous, Supercharger, etc.)
Class Raced (if any):  
(Example: Outlaw Street, Street Dresser, etc.)
Typical Track Conditions:  
(Example: Prepared , unprepared, slippery road, etc.)