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Dragshock™ and Dragshock EZ™ Shock Setup Form

Brocks Performance Dragshock™ and Dragshock EZ™ Shock Setup Form

Fill out form below or download printable form to Fax


First Name:  
Last Name:  
Zip Code:  
Phone:   xxx-xxx-xxxx
E-Mail Address:  
Total Swingarm Length Over Stock:  
Swingarm Normally Run at how many over stock?:  
Rider weight when suited:  
Bike Weight:  
Engine HP @ Rear Wheel:  
Power Adder's:  
(Example: Turbo, Nitrous, 5mm Stroker crank etc.)
Class Raced (if any):  
(Example: Streetbike Shootout, Heavy Hitter, 60" etc.)
Typical Track Conditions:  
(Example: Prepared , unprepared, slippery road etc.)
Additional Ballast added to bike, if any:  
(Example: 40 lb weight in front of exhaust)
Raked Steering Head:  
(Example: reduced or extended 3 degrees from stock.)
Suspension Linkage:  
(Example:  Stock, GSX-R1000, aftermarket etc.
NOT dog bones, we assume you are using an aftermarket adjustable style))