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Last Update : 2014/12/29
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Question / Issue
How do I gain access to Brock's Private StreetSmart Owners Section?

Answer / Solution
The StreetSmart Owners’ Section (Private) is an area reserved for Brock’s Performance full system exhaust purchasers. Access is granted via the Map Support program and verified as a function of the New and Purchased Used Map Support Form submittal process. Once approved, password-protected admission to this area allows Brock's exhaust owners access to instructional information directly from Brock and his staff to help guide them to a quicker, faster, smoother-running machine. This information is not for general distribution and is intended to be a performance advantage, shared among Brock’s customers. This area also contains a private StreetSmart Owners’ Talk area, which allows Brock’s customers to converse in a private forum so they can share their performance secrets.

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