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I just bought a Billet Cam Chain Tensioner and I was wondering if you had the spec on how to put the right amount of tension on the chain or how to set it up?
I've ordered and installed your clutch cushion mod for the 01-04 GSX-R1000. Would it defeat the purpose if I put the cushion in but left the stock springs in? With all 5 of the HD springs in the clutch lever it is very difficult to pull in, especially in traffic. Im not that big of a guy, at only 130lbs fully suited.
What causes my stock 2007 Hayabusa to burn oil when warm, especially on deceleration? It still dynos a smoky 171 hp.
I am installing your Ultra Light Billet Clutch Mod for my Busa. I can remove the nut from the hub assembly with an impact gun, but I do not feel comfortable using it to install the nut. I would like to torque this to the manufacturer spec. Where can I find the tool illustrated (the Clutch Hub Holder) that is shown on your instruction paper?
I have a K&N with your street smart carbon fiber system. Our humidity, temp, and dewpoint are MUCH DIFFERENT than your area. Humidity and temperature combo is especially different. What should I do?
I have a 2008 hayabusa and purchased the front/rear sprockets from you. What are the torque spec's for the front sprocket and the rear sprocket nuts?
What is the torque spec for sprocket bolts for a BST wheel?
What torque should I use when fitting the BST wheels?
In your ZX-14 Diaries, your recommendation is for the best due to the variable nature of torque output applied to the pavement when removing "The Flies". Since I will be riding in all weather conditions, I must maintain that aspect of "Driveability" you spoke of in your communication Especially since traction will constantly be an issue.
You have recently sent me new specs for my dragshock. My question is, rebound is noted as "R -7". Is this zero rebound plus seven clicks or is it the standard rebound setting as noted on the yellow spec sheet supplied with the shock minus seven clicks?
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